GCBC is deeply committed to the concept of helping people physically and spiritually all over the world.

A significant number of the church leaders have been in the Mission field and the church has a strong belief in the command of our Lord to go and make disciples of all nations.

We care for our Missionaries in keeping in touch through email, sending them encouragement and gifts and uplifting them in our prayers.

Our Missionary book in the Church Foyer helps to keep the congregation up to date with happenings in the Mission field. Every second Sunday we hold Missionary Sunday, with time dedicated to share missionary news, show a DVD or have a guest speaker with a follow up collection for the Church missions.

Look up the following links: Church Mission Society www.cms.org.au

Overseas Mission Fellowship www.omf.org or go to J.O Fraser Centre where we support two Missionary families stationed there in Thailand. We also support a missionary family in Canada and are involved in short term mission trips when the opportunity and need arises.

In addition, we support additional ministries with special collections f.i. www.barnabasfund.org.au

And the Baptist Global interaction which we support through our collecting of stamps www.globalinteraction.org.au

Please feel free to contact us or come and visit our Church